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Disney’s OTHER Anniversary

by | Feb 17, 2022

Disneyland Paris anniversary prep continues! The French park’s 30th anniversary celebration begins on March 6th, 2022. Disney Parks are known for their milestone anniversaries and this park is no exception!

Two more things Disney is good at: projection effects and surprising audiences. Check out the video below where we get a glimpse of a new nighttime effect that will precede the nightly show Disney Illuminations.

Video Courtesy Disneyland Paris

That’s right. We’re finally seeing drones in a Disney park.

That super-cool 30th anniversary logo made to look like a very un-hidden Mickey is floating next to the castle, set to illuminate in a very real display alongside the usual wizardry of Disney’s projection effects. Disney has been teasing this tech for a few years now and here is finally a practical effect in an actual park. Some sites in the past have gone so far as to claim that drone tech would replace fireworks.

That seems a bit dramatic.

But this new pre-show looks like it will be amazing when it debuts! We can’t wait to see how Disney continues to evolve this technology over time. If the rest of Disneyland Paris’ plans for their 30th anniversary are this ambitious, it will be as magical as anything Walt Disney World is doing for their 50th. We need to make some time to see it for ourselves!

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