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Miss runDisney?

by | Feb 9, 2022

It’s been years. Nearly five of them. The last runDisney event at the Disneyland Resort was in 2017, folks. I remember it well, my Doctor Strange costume billowing behind me. I made pretty decent time, returning to my room at the Disneyland Hotel before my wife was even awake. We also happened to visit the 100th episode spectacular of our then-favorite podcast, EarzUp! (I’m more biased toward my own show now.) And while those east coasters have their races back, we have nothing! Or do we?

The author, sweaty.

Back in the day, guests of the Grand Californian Resort and Spa could register for an early-morning experience, a fast-paced walk through Disney California Adventure. I get that it wasn’t that exciting compared to the adrenaline of a run, but it was a chance to experience the park in the early morning with very few other guests around. That experience is coming back. Kind of!

I’m talking about the events that the Tenaya Stone Spa, recently opened at the Grand Californian, announced recently. What’s the point of running a wellness-focused business in the Happiest Place on Earth if you can’t have a little fun? And these events are all about fun!

A dozen new classes offered by the spa get you into the parks early in the morning, breaking a little sweat before the rest of the guests arrive. Each is designed to give you 30 or so minutes to set the tone for your day. There’s a boot camp experience pits you against a fast jog around the park with periodic breaks for push-ups, squats, and other exercises. Spend some time exploring the Redwood Challenge Trail’s obstacle course. Take a power walk over a 2-mile course through DCA. Or maybe spend half an hour with a relaxing stretching session, designed to relieve some stress from your busy park days.

The spa even has sessions above the park! Take a yoga class from the rooftop of the hotel and get a view that few others ever see. Maybe yoga on a paddle board in the resort’s pool is more your speed. Of course, the spa also offers plenty of “standard” spa packages. Take a real break from the parks for a treatment. Aside from the more extensive services, you can spend just a bit for a quick feet and legs session to get you back to parks-ready status!

Courtesy Disney Parks Blog

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